Not tidying the bed is good for health says science

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A new study by researchers at Kingston University in London, UK, and released by Galileo magazine, warns that making the bed can be harmful to the health of the body.

The study is based on the fact that by making the bed, because it is a warm, humid and dark environment, it is creating the ideal conditions for the procreation of bacteria and mites.

And made your bed today? If the answer is yes, scientists estimate that about 1.5 million of these microorganisms are currently living and ‘thriving’ on their mattress. These animals are behind various allergies, which manifest themselves through coughing, sneezing and sore throat.

However, if you leave your bed untidy and let it ‘breathe’ these frightening numbers can decrease during the day.

“We know that mites can only survive by absorbing water from the atmosphere and using small glands from the human body,” said research leader Stephen Pretlove.”Sometimes, simply leaving the bed untidy during the day can help remove moisture from the sheets and mattress, so that the mites become dehydrated and die.”

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